Following the model of programs in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the province of Ontario has reached an agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to ease entry for foreign workers in high demand professions.

At the convention of the Liberal Party of Canada, immigration was brought to the forefront during the speech of Member of Parliament. Joe Volpe. Mr. Volpe served as the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration from January 2005 until the election of a Conservative Party government in January 2006.

In a new policy paper, Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) Party leader John Tory revealed his party’s plan to assist skilled immigrants arriving in the province.

As businesses in Western Canada continue to experience shortages of labour, the Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced changes to make it easier for companies to hire foreign workers.

In response to the demand for skilled immigrant workers in the Canadian economy, the Canadian government will be increasing funding for immigrant settlement programs by $307 million over the next 2 years.

The leaders of some of Atlantic Canada's largest industry organizations are looking to work with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to encourage more immigrants to come to their region.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will not be allowing an amnesty for undocumented workers despite calls from community groups, unions and industry associations.

In its annual report to the House of Commons, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced Tuesday that the target for permanent residents will increase by 15,000 in the upcoming year.

In the midst of a re-election campaign, Toronto mayor David Miller has called for voting in municipal elections to be extended to landed immigrants. He argued that it is necessary to protect their rights and ensure input on issues directly affecting their neighbourhoods.

An American teacher, Malcolm Watson, was convicted of having sexual contact with a 15 year old female student and was offered a choice of sentences – either one year in jail, or banishment to Canada for three years. He chose exile in Canada, where he has been a permanent resident (landed immigrant) for the past four years.

The Federal Government has begun to make its payments to members of the Chinese community who were forced to pay a head tax when immigrating to Canada between 1885 and 1923.

Former tenants are bringing complaints of racial discrimination against H-Mart, a large Korean grocery store chain, in connection with a mall in Langley, B.C., a suburb of Vancouver. Three small business owners are alleging that H-mart, who recently purchased the West Willow mall, refused to renew their leases because they were not Korean.

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Monte Solberg, launched Canada's Citizenship Week 2006. He marked the occasion by taking part in a special citizenship ceremony swearing in 35 new Canadians.

Gordon Nixon, the president and chief executive of The Royal Bank of Canada says that Alberta and the rest of Canada need to increase the number of immigrants coming into the country and take advantage of the skills they bring with them.