The CanadaVisa Team

Last updated: 20 October 2020

Since launching in 1994, has become the world's leading private sector resource on Canadian immigration. The free information and tools available on CanadaVisa are meant to help people around the globe move to Canada, as well as settle and integrate here. CanadaVisa is regularly updated by a team of immigration lawyers, marketers, journalists, and researchers. 

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    Attorney David Cohen

    Immigration Attorney David Cohen Photo

    David is the Founder of CanadaVisa and Senior Partner of Campbell Cohen. Since graduating from McGill University's Faculty of Law in 1972, David has been practicing Canadian immigration law for over 40 years. David's passion for technology and desire to help people led to him founding CanadaVisa in 1994.

    Kareem El-Assal

    Kareem is the Managing Editor of CanadaVisa. Kareem has over 10 years of Canadian immigration experience, working for the federal government, non-profits, and in the private sector. Kareem has written over 250 publications on Canadian immigration. 

    Alexandra Miekus

    Alexandra Miekus photo

    Alexandra is an Editor and Translator at CanadaVisa. Alexandra has worked in a variety of different roles including as a television reporter, researcher, editor, translator, and university lecturer.

    Mohanad Moetaz

    Mohanad Moetaz photo

    Mohanad is a Content Marketer at CanadaVisa. Mohanad is a digital marketer who has worked with clients from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

    Shelby Thevenot

    Shelby Thevenot photo

    Shelby is an Editor at CanadaVisa. Shelby is a trained journalist and has worked as a freelance writer, photo journalist, and staff video journalist.

    Attorney Michael Schwartz

    Attorney Michael Schwartz photo

    Michael is an Attorney at Campbell Cohen. Michael works on a variety of matters such as researching new laws and regulations and changes to immigration laws, policies, and programs.

    Attorney Daniel Levy

    Attorney Daniel Levy photo

    Daniel is a Senior Attorney at Campbell Cohen. Daniel has worked at Campbell Cohen for over 10 years and specializes in work permits, business immigration, inadmissibility, and citizenship.

    Attorney Chris Collette

    Attorney Chris Collette photo

    Chris Collette is a Senior Attorney at Campbell Cohen. He draws on his over 10 years of experience to work on matters such as economic class immigration, study permits, family reunification, and work permits.

    Attorney Kara Crudo

    Attorney Kara Crudo photo

    Kara is a Senior Attorney at Campbell Cohen. During her career at Campbell Cohen, she has specialized in a number of areas such as international students and family class immigration.

    Attorney Gabriel Dumitrascu

    Attoryney Gabriel Dumitrascu photo

    Gabriel Dumitrascu is a Senior Attorney at Campbell Cohen. Gabriel specializes in economic class immigration, study permits, and family reunification.

    Attorney Stephen Sherman

    Attorney Stephen Sherman photo

    Stephen Sherman is an Attorney at Campbell Cohen. Stephen specializes in work permits, inadmissibility, and citizenship.