Quebec Immigration Plan

Last updated: 2 September 2020

The Quebec immigration plan for 2020 could see up to 44,500 new permanent residents welcomed through various Quebec immigration programs.

The table below shows total admissions, including ranges and targets per category for 2020. This table also highlights the percentage of economic admissions against the overall number of admissions under all Quebec immigration categories. You can also review the plan for 2019 at this dedicated page.

Under the Quebec Immigration Plan 2020, the province is allotting between 12,500 and 15,000 CSQs for economic immigration candidates. A target of 25,500 to 26,300 admissions is also set for economic immigration candidates for 2020, which represents 65 per cent of the 43,000 to 44,500 target for total admissions to Quebec.

The table below captures the total number of selections under each immigration category for 2020. This table also highlights the percentage and proportion represented by economic immigration compared to all other immigration categories in 2020.

Quebec's Overall Immigration Plan for 2020

Economic immigration category28,70031,30021,70024,30025,50026,300
Skilled Workers24,20026,30018,00020,10021,60022,000
Business People4,0004,3003,4003,3003,3003,600
Other Economic categories500700600800600700
Family Reunification11,60012,1008,9009,4009,90010,200
Refugees and people in similar situations8,1008,8006,8007,5007,2007,500
Refugees selected abroad5,6006,0004,4004,8004,5004,700
State-supported refugees1,5501,6001,1501,2001,3001,350
Sponsored refugees4,0504,4003,2503,6003,2003,350
Refugee recognized in Canada2,5002,8002,4002,7002,7002,800
Other immigration categories600800600800400500
Percentage selected by Quebec71%72%70%71%71%71%
Percentage selected under an economic immigration program59%59%57%58%59%59%
Percentage selected with French language proficiency44%44%41%41%49%49%
Overall totals49,00053,00038,00042,00043,00044,500