Days before leaving the post of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to become Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, the Honourable Monte Solberg sent a letter to Members of Parliament (MP) reminding them that some Canadians' citizenships may lapse if they do not re-apply prior to their 28th birthday.

Maple Leaf Foods has abandoned its program at its Brandon, Manitoba plant to bring in workers from China, after it was revealed that 61 workers had paid fees of $10,000 to the immigration consultant hired by the company. The actions were not illegal, however the company was concerned about the debt burden faced by the employees.

Driven by greater than expected job creation in December, Canada's unemployment rate fell back down to the 30-year low previously reached in May 2006.

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper shuffles his cabinet, it has been announced that the Honourable Diane Finley will become the new Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. The Honourable Monte Solberg will be moving on to become Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.

Several Canadian Members of Parliament (MP) have spoken up recently in defence of dual citizenship. Their comments came in response to recent calls for the newly elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Stephane Dion.

Speaking with members of the Chinese community in Markham, just outside of Toronto, newly elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Stephane Dion discussed his plans to keep Canada competitive in the global economy. Mr. Dion highlighted immigration as a crucial element, helping to address Canada's labour shortage.

Receiving the gift of a lifetime this holiday season, a family in the small town of Oliver in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley facing a deportation order received a phone call from the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, that they will be allowed to stay in Canada.

In response to the demands of faith communities across the country, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is examining ways to make it easier for religious leaders to obtain landed immigrant status. Many of these clergy arrive to serve communities on temporary resident visas but are unable to meet the requirements for permanent residents.

In a report released on labour shortages faced by small and medium sized firms across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) called for changes to the immigration system to better meet their needs.

Refugees arriving in Canada from Iraq since 2003 have found a relatively high rate of approval for their claims. The UN High Commission for Refugees has commended Canada’s response to the Iraqi refugee crisis.

Following the model of programs in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the province of Ontario has reached an agreement with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to ease entry for foreign workers in high demand professions.

At the convention of the Liberal Party of Canada, immigration was brought to the forefront during the speech of Member of Parliament. Joe Volpe. Mr. Volpe served as the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration from January 2005 until the election of a Conservative Party government in January 2006.

In a new policy paper, Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) Party leader John Tory revealed his party’s plan to assist skilled immigrants arriving in the province.

As businesses in Western Canada continue to experience shortages of labour, the Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced changes to make it easier for companies to hire foreign workers.