Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) FAQ

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a program that allows the province of Manitoba to nominate potential immigrants according to the needs of the province. There are several streams under the MPNP:
  • Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
  • Regular International Students Stream and the International Student Strategic Initiative Stream
  • Employer Direct Stream
  • Young Farmer
  • Business Immigration Stream

Applications under Priority Assessment Streams are assessed before other MPNP applications, and are for applicants who can show the highest potential for successful settlement in Alberta. The Priority Assessment Streams under the MPNP are the following:

  • International Students Stream
  • Employer Direct Stream
This stream is for applicants who meet certain education and employment qualifications and have a connection to Manitoba. The connection may be:
  • A relative in Manitoba
  • A close friend or a distant relative in Manitoba
  • At least six months’ work experience in the province
  • At least one year of education in Manitoba, excluding language programs
The regualr International Student stream is an employer-driven stream that enables foreign students who have graduated from a post-secondary institution in Manitoba and have worked for an employer in Manitoba for at least six months on a Post Graduate Work Permit. Applicants need a permanent job offer from this employer, and the job must be related to their studies in Manitoba. In the International Student Strategic Initiative Stream, applicants who graduate from a Manitoba post-secondary educational program of at least two academic years can apply immediately to the Provincial Nominee Program in advance of receiving an offer of employment.
You can apply under this stream if you have been working in Manitoba on a Temporary Work Permit for at least six months, and have a permanent, full-time job offer from your Manitoba employer. You must show the intention to permanently settle in Manitoba, and that you have the necessary education and skills for the job you are being offered.
The Provincial Nominee Program for Business enables the province to nominate applicants who show the ability and intention to start a business in Manitoba, purchase a business in the province or become partners in an existing business in the province.
] THe Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative is designed to attract experienced farmers who will start a farm or purchase an existing farm operation.


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