The Federal Government has begun to make its payments to members of the Chinese community who were forced to pay a head tax when immigrating to Canada between 1885 and 1923.

Former tenants are bringing complaints of racial discrimination against H-Mart, a large Korean grocery store chain, in connection with a mall in Langley, B.C., a suburb of Vancouver. Three small business owners are alleging that H-mart, who recently purchased the West Willow mall, refused to renew their leases because they were not Korean.

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Monte Solberg, launched Canada's Citizenship Week 2006. He marked the occasion by taking part in a special citizenship ceremony swearing in 35 new Canadians.

Gordon Nixon, the president and chief executive of The Royal Bank of Canada says that Alberta and the rest of Canada need to increase the number of immigrants coming into the country and take advantage of the skills they bring with them.

The McGuinty government is lending a helping hand to newcomers. Ontario's new initiative is aimed at aiding newly-landed immigrants understand their rights and responsibilities in Canada so that they can stay safe and prosper in the workplace.

As announced on September 28, 2006 by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Monte Solberg, after an analysis done by Canada, Estonian citizens no longer require a temporary resident visa to visit Canada. He said this was due to the fact that Canada has the largest community of Estonians outside of Estonia.

Liberal Citizenship and Immigration Critic Raymonde Folco today called on the Conservative government to deliver the funding required to foster greater immigration for minority Francophone communities.

After 30 years the rules currently in place that allow individuals who live outside of Canada to hold dual Canadian citizenship are about to be revisited by the Canadian government. This is to be done after the government began calculating the cost of the recent mass evacuation of civilians in Lebanon who held Canadian citizenship during the recent conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff said on Friday in Vancouver that Canada needs to expand the family-class portion of its immigration system, which allows Canadians to sponsor family members who want to become permanent residents of Canada. He also said that the Canadian immigration system needs to be "streamlined" which would include a processing system based in Canada.

The Vancouver based Filipino Nurses Support Group (FNSG) has alleged that Filipino nurses who come to Canada are being taken advantage of.

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration was recently in Winnipeg to help launch a five-year "Strategic Plan" to Foster Immigration to Francophone Minority Communities. This plan aims to increase immigration of French-speaking people to Francophone communities.

Today, September 4, 2006, is a holiday across the entire Canada/USA region, known as "Labor Day".

The Minister of Citizenship & Immigration and the Economic Development Department of British Colombia made the announcement on August 22, 2006 that a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed, which would help Immigrant entrepreneurs expedite the process in establishing themselves in British Colombia.

A new report by the Canadian Bar Association claims that a federal program aimed at bringing low-skilled foreign workers into Canada is not meeting the needs of employers in dire need of staff. The challenge regarding the program is that it only allows workers to stay in Canada a maximum of 12 months.