PM apologizes for the Chinese head tax of the 19th and early 20th centuries, offering compensation packages of $20,000 to surviving payers of the tax and commits $35 million to cultural education programs in a recent speech.

A study by CIBC's World Markets Inc. ranks Ottawa first for strongest economic momentum, attributing growth to the Technology sector and Federal Government. Experts agree that economic strength in Canadian cities is due to population and economic diversity.

In the light of the international Terrorist threat, Canada has often been criticized for its "lenient" immigration policies. Political commentators suggest that Canada should close its doors to immigrants as a security measure. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently defended Canada's immigration policies, noting his commitment to a multicultural Canada..

European employees are hired in association with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which effectively speeds up an immigrant's work permit and landed immigrant application processing.

A survey by Manpower Inc. found that Edmonton's net employment is anticipated to grow by 48 per cent, compared to the national net employment outlook of 29 per cent.

New legislation would have Ontario's 34 regulated professions face scrutiny by a new 'fairness commissioner', ensuring their admission procedures are clear, open and fair to all.

The proposed bill, if passed, will break down barriers that will ensure foreign-trained professionals have a fair chance at finding work in their field of expertise in Canada.

Thursday June 01, 2006 – Roughly a dozen dissenters began vociferously objecting to government policy regarding deportations as Federal Immigration Minister Monte Solberg took the stage at a downtown church in the nation’s capital yesterday.

Canada's labour crunch has it facing one of the most serious shortages of skilled workers in the industrial world. It's no secret that the Canadian government is working especially hard to attract an immigrant workforce to supplement its aging homegrown labour pool, precariously low birth rate, and booming economy. In fact, Canada welcomes more immigrants per capita than any other immigrant-receiving nation.

The Toronto Region of Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) is hosting, "A World of Experience", a week-long event which recognizes immigrant contributions to the Canadian marketplace.

The former Ontario cabinet minister with the famous surname, Gerard Kennedy, released his platform for eliminating the credentials recognition hurdle faced by skilled immigrants.

With a populous and impending generation of retiring workers, Fredericton focuses on regional immigration as a means to supplement their workforce and bolster their booming economy.

Monday, May 15, 2006 - the Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, introduced a new bill in the House of Commons to reform the Citizenship Act. The plan is intended to streamline the foreign adoption process by amending bureaucratic hurdles that lengthen the time it takes to unite Canadian parents with their foreign-adopted children.

Foreign-trained doctors, nurses and other professionals will be offered a "fast-track" to credentials recognition in Quebec with the introduction of Bill 14.