The Language Proficiency factor for English and French is one of the ten criteria for which points are awarded under the Quebec Immigration selection system.

In order for the applicant to receive points for English or French proficiency, language test results must be submitted.

Up to 22 points are awarded under the language proficiency criterion of Quebec immigration on the following basis:

French Language
French ProficiencyLow Beginner (A1)High Beginner (A2)Low Intermediate (B1)High Intermediate (B2)Advanced (C1)Advanced (C2)
Listening 0 points 0 points 0 points 5 points 6 points 7 points
Speaking 0 points 0 points 0 points 5 points 6 points 7 points
Reading 0 points 0 points 0 points 1 point 1 point 1 point
Writing 0 points 0 points 0 points 1 point 1 point 1 point
Maximum 16 points
English Language
English ProficiencyBeginner (CLB 1-4)Intermediate (CLB 5-8)Advanced (CLB 9-12)
Listening 0 points 1 point 2 points
Speaking 0 points 1 point 2 points
Reading 0 points 1 point 1 point
Writing 0 points 1 point 1 point
Maximum 6 points


French Language Proficiency:

Beginner levels:

LOW Beginner

  • Listening: Able to understand short statements (commonly used phrases).
  • Speaking: Able to express basic needs.

HIGH Beginner

  • Listening: Able to understand practical information concerning everyday life.
  • Speaking: Able to make yourself understood in familiar and foreseeable situations.

Intermediate levels:

LOW Intermediate

  • Listening: Able to understand significant information about familiar and foreseeable situations.
  • Speaking: Able to express yourself in a comprehensible manner on subjects related to everyday life.

HIGH Intermediate

  • Listening: Understand detailed information about subjects you are familiar with, or concrete and abstract subjects.
  • Speaking: Can clearly express yourself on subjects related to your areas of interest.

Advanced levels:


  • Listening: Understand detailed information related to social and professional life.
  • Speaking: Can confidently and precisely express yourself on a variety of subjects.


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