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Immigration to Montreal, Quebec

Considering Montreal as your Canadian Immigration Destination?

Deciding where to live in Canada is one of the most important decisions that future Canadian immigrants make.  It’s important that the lifestyle suits you and your family - that you will be able to settle in well and establish yourselves. 

What immigrant settlement services are available? What is the job market like?  The community?  The school system?  Take time to do some research on your potential destinations in Canada. 

Here’s a brief description of Montreal, Quebec, a very popular immigration destination, especially for immigrants from French-speaking countries:

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is the largest city in the French-speaking province of Quebec and the second largest in all of Canada with a population of over 3 million.  It is one of two large islands located on the St. Lawrence River, which leads to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

Montreal is famous for its cultural life.  Many important Canadian politicians, writers, film-makers, and musicians hail from Montreal, and this is due to Montreal’s impressive city-wide and culturally imbedded appreciation for the fine arts and general intellectualism.  The city is well-known for its fashion and design, live music, and homegrown cultural items such as film, visual art, and theatre.  The downtown core is always bustling with people at café’s and restaurants, and the many accessible parks and green-spaces. 

Not only is Montreal a beautiful city, but it happens to be one of North America’s oldest cities, which is reflected in its architecture.  The Old Port region maintains the old world European charm and is a very popular tourist destination.  

Montreal is a mostly French-speaking city, but has a significant population of native English-speakers.  Because of an influx of immigration from non-English or French native-speaking countries over the last few decades, many other languages are spoken as well. 

The standard of living in Montreal is high.  A safe and friendly city, crime rates are relatively low. 

Montreal is a rare gem within Canada.  It has its own nuance and style independent of the rest of Canada.  It is a captivating and inspiring city with a lot to offer.  The people and culture are unique and the city is beautiful in a way that is very rare in this part of the world.  Montreal is an important immigration destination.


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