Frequently asked questions about Canadian government fees and application costs.

Fees are payable to the Canadian government as follows:

Category of applicant
Skilled Worker/Family Class Principal applicant 550
Self-Employed Principal applicant 1,050
Each accompanying family member 19 and over 550
Each family member under 19 years old 150
Right of Permanent Resident Fee (payable before landing) 490

Fees are subject to change at any time.

Additional government fees apply for applicants destined to the province of Quebec and under the Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

Canadian government fees must be submitted concurrently with your Canadian Immigration Application and are refundable at any time before assessment of the application by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer has begun. If any provincial fees are required they are payable at the time that your application is submitted to the province. The Right of Permanent Resident Fee may be paid at any time prior to the issuance of your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa and is refundable if, for any reason, you do not become a Canadian Permanent Resident.

All applications for Canadian Permanent Resident Visas are submitted to designated intake offices in Canada and the government processing fees associated with these applications must be paid in Canadian dollars. The Right of Permanent Residency fee may, depending on the circumstances, be paid inside or outside Canada. If payable outside Canada, you should check with the Canadian visa office that is processing the application to determine the currency in which the Right of Permanent Residency fee must be paid. Applications for a Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visa, Work Permit, or Study Permit are generally submitted to Canadian visa offices outside Canada and you should check with the Canadian visa office closest to you.

The principal applicant and accompanying spouse/common law partner must pay this fee at any time before their Canada Immigation Visa is issued. At this time, the Right of Permanent Resident Fee is set at CAD 490. The Right of Permanent Resident Fee is fully refundable if for any reason the principal applicant or accompanying spouse/common law partner do not land in Canada as permanent residents.

Yes, all applicants 19 years of age or older must pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee.

You can expect to pay fees related to medical examinations and, if required, to the notarization and/or the translation of documents into French or English.

Additionally, the Federal Skilled Worker Class requires applicants to have their foreign educational credentials assessed for Canadian equivalency by a designated Canadian accreditation body.

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