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What You Need to Know about the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

the CanadaVisa Team - 20 July, 2015

The best known Canadian immigration program is the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Most potential immigrants believe that itis the easiest or the only immigration program they may qualify for. Many potential immigrants have never heard of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, or if they have heard of it, they have some misconceptions about the program.

“A big misconception is that it is more difficult to qualify under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program than the Federal Skilled Worker Program. It’s simplynot true,” says Attorney David Cohen. “Granted, it’s different, but Idisagree that it is harder to qualify as a Quebec Skilled Worker. It’s actually getting harder to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program as fewerapplications are being accepted. Applicants need to start considering other programs if they want to become permanent residents.”

The following are five important points you need to know Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

1. You Don’t Need High French Proficiency to Qualify

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program accepts applicants with varying degrees of French proficiency. Some applicants may qualify with low French proficiencywhile others may need higher levels of French proficiency to qualify, depending on their other qualifications.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program consists of ten selection factors including education, work experience, and language proficiency. Applicants are awardedpoints in each selection factor. In order be selected by Quebec, a single applicant must score at least 55 points and an applicant with a spouse orcommon-law partner must score at least 63 points. Therefore, an applicant that scores higher points in education and work experience may meet the pass markwith a lower level of French proficiency for the language factor.

2. You Don’t Need a University Degree to Get High Points

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program awards points to applicants with university degrees and college degrees as well as those with technical or vocationaldiplomas. Even high school level diplomas with technical or vocational components can be awarded high points. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program not onlyawards points for Education, but also for the Area of Training of your education(Demaine de formation). Area of Training points are awarded to applicants who have obtained a diploma or certificate related to occupations that are indemand in Quebec.

Many of the degrees or diplomas that are awarded the highest number of points for the Area of Training factor are not in fact university degrees. Forexample, college level nursing diplomas and high school level butchery certificates are awarded higher points than many other university degrees. For acomplete list of Area of Training degrees and diplomas, click here.

3. Having a Spouse and Children Can Also Get You Points

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program takes into account both the principal applicant’s qualifications and those of his spouse or common-law partner. Thisprogram awards points in five selection factors for the spouse/partner includingEducation, Area of Training, Work Experience, Age, and French Language Proficiency. Applicants can also obtain points for having children ages 21 and under.

4. You Don’t Need to Have a Job Offer or Specific Work Experience to Qualify

Applicants are not required to have a job offer from a Quebec or Canadian employer to qualify nor are they required to have work experience in a specificfield to qualify. Accountants, Computer and IT Specialists, Professors and Teachers, Welders, Butchers, and Plumbers may all apply under this program.

Although a job offer is not required to qualify, it can be beneficial to your application. Applicants can obtain up to ten additional points for having a valid employment offer in Quebec.

5. If Approved, You Are Given Canadian Permanent Residency

Quebec is a great place to live, work, and lay down roots in Canada. Quebec is a vibrant multicultural province with more than 45,000 new immigrantsarriving each year. Applicants who apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program must have the intent to reside in Quebec up until the point of landing.Once approved, applicants are issued a Canadian permanent resident visa, the same visa as all other applicants in other immigration programs. Like allCanadian permanent residents, you have the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, consider the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and you may be surprised to learn that it’s the right program for you!

Find out if you qualify for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program by completing Canadavisa’s free immigration assessment.

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