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Last updated: 26 May 2021

Canada immigration admissibility director Matt Hendler at Campbell Cohen Immigration Law Firm and CanadaVisa.com

Matt Hendler is the Director of Admissibility at Campbell Cohen

Matt specializes in inadmissibility issues pertaining to foreign nationals who plan on entering Canada. 

Since 2014, Matt has been working with those in the corporate sector, airline and travel industries, human resources professionals and leisure travellers with an honest and effective approach to assessing and resolving their admissibility status in Canada.

Matt has become a reliable source of information for Attorneys across the United States of America whose clients have past or current criminal blemishes. He has been invited to speak at the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) conference and has also been interviewed by Vice News concerning entry to Canada with criminal history. 

About CanadaVisa.com and the Campbell Cohen Immigration Law Firm

CanadaVisa.com was launched in 1994 as the online platform of Campbell Cohen, becoming one of the first law firms in Canada to offer a full range of Canadian immigration services and consulting to prospective immigration applicants and foreign workers over the internet. Today, CanadaVisa.com is the largest private sector Canadian immigration website in the world, with millions of people visiting the website every year. 

Matt Hendler and the Campbell Cohen team of some 60 lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals provide the full range of Canadian immigration services to foreign individuals, small enterprises and multinationals alike. Campbell Cohen takes on the complete preparation of permanent residence and temporary work permit applications and dispenses experienced, expert advice at every stage throughout the process. 

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