Legal Resources

Last updated: 2 September 2020

These external legal resources provide information on law and legal structures, both in Canada and internationally.

World Wide OCR

  • Get international copyright and intellectual property protection and archiving online in minutes. SEAL file date-stamps protect scripts, songs, images, inventions, and ideas in any digital file format. Save time and money.

Center de recherché en droit public

  • A compilation of various Quebec legal documents and statutes. In French only.

American Immigration Center

  • Immigration and citizenship do-it-yourself kits, books and products for green cards, USA visas and US citizenship.

The Canadian Legal Information Institute

  • Provides free access to Canadian laws and court decisions, with access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Government of Canada

  • The website of the Government of Canada.

Canada's Law Societies

  • A list of Canada's law societies by province and territory.

Legal Gazette of Canada

  • This official gazette is not solely related to immigration law, but is useful nonetheless.

Legal Gazette of Quebec

  • In French only.


  • Informs the public about their rights and the law in plain language.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Bill of rights in the Consitution of Canada.

Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms