These external legal resources provide information on law and legal structures, both in Canada and internationally.

World Wide OCR

  • Get international copyright and intellectual property protection and archiving online in minutes. SEAL file date-stamps protect scripts, songs, images, inventions, and ideas in any digital file format. Save time and money.

Center de recherché en droit public

  • A compilation of various Quebec legal documents and statutes. In French only.

American Immigration Center

  • Immigration and citizenship do-it-yourself kits, books and products for green cards, USA visas and US citizenship.

The Canadian Legal Information Institute

  • Provides free access to Canadian laws and court decisions, with access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Government of Canada

  • The website of the Government of Canada.

Canada's Law Societies

  • A list of Canada's law societies by province and territory.

Legal Gazette of Canada

  • This official gazette is not solely related to immigration law, but is useful nonetheless.

Legal Gazette of Quebec

  • In French only.


  • Informs the public about their rights and the law in plain language.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Bill of rights in the Consitution of Canada.

Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Latest News

  • Don't believe websites promoting a Canadian visa lottery application form

    Online posts promoting news of a “Canadian Visa Lottery Application” are misleading and readers should not interact with them.

  • Upfront Medicals no Longer Available for Family Class Applicants

    Upfront medical examinations are no longer available for Family Class Canadian immigration applicants and remain available only to Express Entry applicants in the permanent residence lines of business.