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Last updated: 2 September 2020

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Canada Immigration Forum

The Canada immigration discussion board is CanadaVisa's public immigration forum, covering topics relating to immigration and settlement in Canada. Individuals can benefit by sharing their Canadian immigration experiences.

Arriving in Canada to live, work or study is only the first step of a new and exciting journey. Everyone who embarks on this journey is courageous, and most will admit to having at least some concerns about what might lie ahead. For some, the Canadian immigration process is smooth. For others, the process proves more difficult. Once in Canada, everyone has the same goal — to settle in Canada successfully.

The CanadaVisa Immigration Forum is about easing the transition from where you have been to where you are going by enabling you to interact with each other and with experts on issues that you decide are important. By joining, you can participate in discussions about immigration, relocation, community group support, and international student life in Canada.

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Canada Immigration Newsletter: CICnews.com

The CICNews Canada Immigration Newsletter is a web-based publication edited by Canadian Immigration Attorney David Cohen. The Canada Immigration Newsletter, which is delivered directly to your email inbox twice per month, provides the latest information pertinent to immigration to Canada. The commentary contained in the Canada Immigration Newsletter is unique to this publication, and reflects more than 35 years of experience in dealing with Canadian immigration.

Eligo Education

Eligo Education is a new Canadian-owned and operated student placement and settlement service. As the official education agency of CanadaVisa.com, Eligo supports its students at all levels of the research and decision-making process, including practical advice and counsel before and after arrival to Canada. This enables our students and their families to get the best fit for their unique situations, while preserving all future options.

To learn more about gaining admission to a Canadian college or university, visit Eligo Education.


Canadian Immigration News on CanadaVisa.com

The Canadian Immigration News section on CanadaVisa.com brings you the latest newsworthy information and stories as they occur. Right off the CanadaVisa.com home page, it is where you can keep yourself up to date on changes to Canadian immigration programs and stay on top of stories and events related to Canadian immigration.

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CanadaVisa Media Room

The CanadaVisa Media Room contains Campbell Cohen press releases and news articles in which Attorney David Cohen has been consulted.

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David Cohen's Canada Immigration Blog

The Canada Immigration Blog is where Attorney David Cohen expresses his personal views on the cross-border movement of people and on the Canadian experience.

Through the Canada Immigration Blog, David writes about his perspective on foreign politics, world events, notable Canadian immigration cases and landmark decisions, policy, domestic issues, and personal anecdotes relating to Canadian immigration. Attorney David Cohen welcomes feedback posted by readers.

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