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If you are interested in working as a University Professor and Lecturer in Canada, you will be pleased to know that the job outlook for your occupation in Canada is extremely positive. You can use this overview of the Canadian employment prospects in your field to start planning your immigration and settlement in Canada.

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University Professors and Lecturers teach courses to undergraduate and graduate students and conduct research at universities and degree-granting colleges. University professors who are heads of departments are included.

(Description from Employment and Social Development Canada's National Occupation Classification, used by Canadian immigration officers, to assess an applicant's work experience.)

  • Teach one or more university subjects to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Prepare and deliver lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions or discussion groups
  • Prepare, administer and grade examinations, laboratory assignments and reports
  • Advise students on course and academic matters and career decisions
  • Direct research programs of graduate students and advise on research matters
  • Conduct research in field of specialization and publish findings in scholarly journals or books
  • May serve on faculty committees dealing with such matters as curriculum planning and degree requirements, and perform a variety of administrative duties
  • May represent their universities as speakers and guest lecturers
  • May provide professional consultative services to government, industry and private individuals
  • University professors specialize in a particular subject matter such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, sociology, business administration or law

  • agriculture professor – university
  • anatomy professor – university
  • anthropology professor – university
  • archaeology professor – university
  • Asian studies professor – university
  • assistant professor – university
  • assistant professor, botany – university
  • assistant professor, history – university
  • associate professor – university
  • associate professor, linguistics
  • astronomy professor – university
  • bacteriology professor – university
  • biochemistry professor – university
  • biology professor – university
  • biomechanics professor – university
  • botany professor – university
  • business administration professor – university
  • chairman/woman, food sciences department – university
  • chairman/woman, geography department – university
  • chairman/woman, linguistics department – university
  • chairman/woman, physics department – university
  • chairman/woman, theology department – university
  • chairman/woman, visual arts department – university
  • chairperson, food sciences department – university
  • chairperson, geography department – university
  • chairperson, linguistics department – university
  • chairperson, physics department – university
  • chairperson, theology department – university
  • chairperson, visual arts department – university
  • chemical engineering professor – university
  • chemistry professor – university
  • civil engineering professor – university
  • classics professor – university
  • computer science professor – university
  • criminology professor – university
  • dentistry professor – university
  • department chairman/woman – university
  • department chairperson – university
  • department head – university
  • department head, food sciences – university
  • department head, geography – university
  • department head, linguistics – university
  • department head, physics – university
  • department head, theology – university
  • department head, visual arts – university
  • drama professor – university
  • economics professor – university
  • education professor – university
  • electrical engineering professor – university
  • engineering and architecture professor – university
  • engineering professor – university
  • English professor – university
  • fine arts professor – university
  • food science professor – university
  • forestry professor – university
  • full professor – university
  • geography professor – university
  • geology professor – university
  • geophysics professor – university
  • history professor – university
  • humanities professor – university
  • hygiene professor – university
  • industrial engineering professor – university
  • journalism professor – university
  • laboratory technology professor – university
  • language professor – university
  • law professor – university
  • lecturer – university
  • library science professor – university
  • life sciences professor – university
  • linguistics professor – university
  • literature professor – university
  • mathematics professor – university
  • mechanical engineering professor – university
  • medical sciences professor – university
  • medicine professor – university
  • metallurgical engineering professor – university
  • metallurgy professor – university
  • meteorology professor – university
  • music professor – university
  • natural sciences professor – university
  • nursing professor – university
  • oceanography professor – university
  • pharmacy professor – university
  • philosophy professor – university
  • physical sciences professor – university
  • physics professor – university
  • physiology professor – university
  • political science professor – university
  • professor emeritus – university
  • professor of computer science – university
  • professor of medicine – university
  • professor, university
  • psychiatry professor – university
  • psychology professor – university
  • public administration professor – university
  • public health professor – university
  • recreology professor – university
  • religion professor – university
  • sculpture professor – university
  • social sciences professor – university
  • social work professor – university
  • sociology professor – university
  • surgery professor – university
  • teacher – teacher's college
  • university department head
  • university instructor, engineering
  • university professor
  • university professor, engineering
  • university professor, English
  • urban planning professor – university
  • veterinary medicine professor – university
  • visiting professor – university
  • visiting scholar – university
  • zoology professor – university

Why your job prospects in Canada are excellent:

  • Fewer graduate students are leading to professor shortages nation-wide because this is the pool that usually fills University Professor vacancies.
  • A rise in distance education may also have a large impact, increasing the demand for University Professors able to teach in a "virtual" environment.
  • Around half of the country's 40,000 professors are on the retirement track and will need to be replaced with other academics.
  • Both the government and the private sector are also seeking more highly educated employees, which in turn creates a need for more professors.
  • This occupation has serious shortages in particular disciplines, such as engineering, computer science and medicine.
  • Spending on university research has more than doubled over the last decade or so. This significant increase in spending has promoted employment growth in this occupation, and the positive trend is expected to continue in the next few years.
  • In response to this situation, a number of universities offer to pay their most promising students' doctoral or postdoctoral tuition fees in exchange for a commitment to teach subsequently in their institution for a certain number of years.
  • The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials provides information on the requirements to work as a University Professor in Canada

Find out about the salary ranges for University Professors and Lecturers in different Canadian cities with our Canada Salary Calculator

Some areas in Canada where your occupations is in demand:

The current outlook for this occupation nation-wide is good. Here are some examples of areas in Canada that are in need of University Professors:

Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • While there are employment opportunities in all regions of the province, a large proportion of jobs in this occupation are located in Winnipeg.
  • Major employers include: University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University, St. Andrews College University, and the University of Winnipeg.
  • University Professors are highly in Manitoba, especially for those in the specialties of Management, Medicine, Information Technology, and Engineering.
  • Hiring is often international in this occupation, and retirements over the next few years are expected to create an unusually high demand.

Ottawa, Ontario
  • Increased government funding for education and research, as well as employers requiring a more highly trained work force, mean that job creation in this industry is increasing.
  • Major employers in the Ottawa region include: Carleton University, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Université Saint-Paul, University of Ottawa, University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
  • While the retirement rate will likely be average, the number of retiring workers will contribute to job creation.

Toronto, Ontario
  • Employment prospects for University Professors in the Greater Toronto Region are good.
  • Major employers in this region include: University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and Ontario College of Art and Design.
  • University enrolment in Ontario has been rising over the past decade, leading to a greater need for University Professors.
  • Professors will need to keep on top of technological advances as distance education and online learning become more prevalent.

Kingston, Ontario
  • Employment prospects in the Kingston area are good for University Professors.
  • Major employers include: Queen’s University, Royal Military College of Canada.
    Enrolment in post-secondary education is rising, driving the need for more university professors.

Waterloo (Ontario)
  • Employment opportunities in this region are expected to be good for 2010.
  • Major employers include: University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Guelph.
  • Opportunities will be particularly good in the following disciplines: Engineering, Arts, Clinical Studies, Environmental Studies, Applied Health Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Population growth and rising educational requirements are reflected in increasing university enrolments, contributing to an increased need for University Professors.

London, Ontario
  • The employment prospects for University Professors are good in the London area, where rising post-secondary education among the population is fuelling the demand for more University Professors.
  • Major employers include: The University of Western Ontario, and King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario.

Edmonton, Alberta

  • Employment prospects for University Professors in Edmonton are good.
  • The University of Alberta is the major employer in the area.
  • With student enrolment increasing in recent years and many university professors approaching retirement, there are increased employment opportunities in this field.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • The future employment outlook for University Professors in Halifax is expected to be good over the next 5 years.
  • Major employers include: Atlantic School of Theology, Dalhousie University, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University, Saint Mary’s University, and University of Kings College.

Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Employment prospects are positive, and the numbers of job vacancies in this field have increased in the Moncton area.
  • Major employers in the area include: Mount Allison University, Université de Moncton, and Crandall University.

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