Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) System

Last updated: 25 February 2021

Skilled workers looking to immigrate to Saskatchewan under the SINP's Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry sub-categories are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile to demonstrate their skills and qualifications.

The first step in applying for the Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand sub-categories is the submission of an EOI profile through the SINP’s online application system, OASIS.

Submitting an EOI to the SINP functions as a 'pre-application' that determines an individual's eligibility for these International Skilled Worker sub-categories. Eligible candidates who score at least 60 points on the SINP's EOI Points Grid are entered into the SINP International Skilled Worker EOI system pool and are ranked based on their EOI score.

Candidates who are selected from the SINP International Skilled Worker EOI system pool receive an Invitation to Apply for a provincial nomination under either the SINP's Express Entry or Occupation In-Demand sub-categories. 

How to submit a SINP Expression of Interest (EOI) profile: 

  1. Create an OASIS account by registering either as an applicant or an immigration consultant. 
  2. Provide basic information, including name, date of birth, home country, and email address.
  3. Answer questions to determine eligibility and sub-category (In-Demand or Express Entry).
  4. Declare the details of the immigration consultant (if applicable).
  5. Complete the EOI profile to obtain an EOI point score (out of 100) based on the SINP's EOI points grid.
  6. Review and submit the completed Expression of Interest (EOI).

The SINP urges candidates in the EOI pool to continue updating their profile with new information that could increase both their EOI point score and the likelihood of receiving an Invitation to Apply from Saskatchewan. This information includes improvements to language test scores and/or demonstrating additional work experience. 

EOI candidates must assess their foreign education by obtaining an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from a designated organization. An ECA is a required document to obtain an Invitation to Apply for either the Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand or Express Entry sub-categories. 

How the SINP EOI system works

Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles will be valid for one year from the day of submission and candidates will only be allowed to have one active EOI profile at any given time. 

Candidates in the SINP EOI pool will be ranked based on their assigned EOI point score. The highest-ranked candidates will be invited to submit a complete SINP application for a provincial nomination certificate.

Invitations to Apply will be issued by the SINP during draws from the EOI pool that will be held at least once a month. 

How candidates in the SINP EOI pool are ranked 

When ranking candidates in the EOI pool, the SINP says it will take the following steps:

  1. Identify EOI candidates with the highest point score.
  2. When selecting among candidates with equal scores, the SINP will first prioritize candidates with connections to the province. This includes candidates who receive points for having a close family relative in Saskatchewan, past work experience in Saskatchewan, and/or past study experience in Saskatchewan.
  3. The province will then prioritize candidates with the most work experience years declared and the highest language scores obtained.

Candidates who receive an Invitation to Apply from the SINP will have 60 days to submit a complete online application to the SINP and provide all the required documentation to support the information declared in their EOI profile. 

After obtaining an Invitation to Apply to either the Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand or Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-category, applicants will be expected to pay a non-refundable application fee. 

Calculate your Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) points

Use the CanadaVisa Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) Points Calculator to find out your potential Saskatchewan EOI ranking score against the SINP's unique points grid for the Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand sub-categories. By assessing your responses to a series of questions, our calculator will determine your potential score. 

SINP International Skilled Worker - Saskatchewan Express Entry

This sub-category allows the province to nominate individuals who are already in the federal Express Entry pool and who meet the education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other requirements settle in the province and enter Saskatchewan’s labour market and communities.

Express Entry candidates who are successfully nominated by the SINP receive an additional 600 points toward their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

SINP International Skilled Worker - Occupation In-Demand 

This sub-category is for skilled workers who don't have a job offer but have work experience in one of Saskatchewan's in-demand occupations. Candidates for this sub-category who later obtain a successful nomination from the SINP are issued a provincial nomination certificate from the Government of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI) Draws

Date of AnnouncementInternational Skilled Worker CategoryInvitations to Apply (ITAs) IssuedMinimum Points Required for EOI Draw
February 25, 2021
Express Entry
February 11, 2021
Express Entry 
February 11, 2021
Occupations In-Demand
January 21, 2021
Occupations In-Demand
January 21, 2021
Express Entry
January 7, 2021
Occupations In-Demand
January 7, 2021
Express Entry
December 17, 2020
Occupations In-Demand
December 17, 2020
Express Entry
December 1, 2020
Occupations In-Demand
December 1, 2020
Express Entry
November 19, 2020Occupations In-Demand33780
November 19, 2020Express Entry21478
November 3, 2020Occupations In-Demand26268
November 3, 2020Express Entry27268
October 21, 2020Occupations In-Demand27869
October 21, 2020Express Entry34069
October 7, 2020
Express Entry
September 24, 2020
Occupations In-Demand
September 24, 2020
Express Entry
September 15, 2020Occupations In-Demand16668
September 15, 2020Express Entry45568
August 26, 2020Occupations In-Demand57368
August 14, 2020Occupations In-Demand24769
August 14, 2020Express Entry28669
July 29, 2020Occupations In-Demand24870
July 29, 2020Express Entry25470
May 28, 2020Occupations In-Demand12578
May 28, 2020Express Entry12778
March 26, 2020Occupations In-Demand20575
February 27, 2020Express Entry30169
February 27, 2020Occupations In-Demand27569
February 13, 2020Express Entry27770
February 13, 2020Occupations In-Demand36970
January 13, 2020Express Entry12569
January 13, 2020Occupations In-Demand10969
January 9, 2020Express Entry14269
January 9, 2020Occupations In-Demand16669
December 20, 2019Express Entry30469
December 20, 2019Occupations In-Demand29169
November 28, 2019Express Entry20069
November 28, 2019Occupations In-Demand26069
November 12, 2019Express Entry30369
November 12, 2019Occupations In-Demand22269
October 31, 2019Express Entry62768
October 31, 2019Occupations In-Demand23168
October 25, 2019Express Entry37269
October 25, 2019Occupations In-Demand55069
October 17, 2019Express Entry98667
October 8, 2019Express Entry23169
October 8, 2019Occupations In-Demand32869
October 2, 2019Express Entry39668
October 2, 2019Occupations In-Demand21468
September 25, 2019Express Entry40470
September 25, 2019Occupations In-Demand36579
August 15, 2019Express Entry10578
August 15, 2019Occupations In-Demand4578
July 24, 2019Express Entry10474
July 24, 2019Occupations In-Demand27774
June 20, 2019Express Entry26868
June 20, 2019Occupations In-Demand21168
June 6, 2019Express Entry8475
June 6, 2019Occupations In-Demand34275
May 22, 2019Express Entry10482
May 22, 2019Occupations In-Demand22182
May 1, 2019Express Entry8167
May 1, 2019Occupations In-Demand12167
April 17, 2019Express Entry11460
April 17, 2019Occupations In-Demand21060
March 6, 2019Express Entry7067
March 6, 2019Occupations In-Demand6881
February 27, 2019Express Entry8368
January 16, 2019Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand59663/66
December 6, 2018Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand74361/61
November 23, 2018Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand51463/64
November 1, 2018Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand92660/61
October 10, 2018Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand85360/63
September 27, 2018Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand43865/66
September 20, 2018Occupation In-Demand14075
August 21, 2018Express Entry46668

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