The Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Another Path to Canadian Permanent Residence

Individuals studying or working in Quebec who do not currently meet the eligibility requirements for the Quebec Experience Program (Programme d’expérience québécoise, or PEQ) may be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

The QSWP is an economic immigration program in Quebec. Candidates with a profile in the program's expression of interest bank may be invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de séléction du Québec, or CSQ). An applicant who receives a CSQ can then apply to the Canadian federal government for a permanent resident visa.

The QSWP – What is it?

The QSWP allows Quebec to select candidates for permanent immigration to the province who meet its economic and social needs.

The QSWP operates on an Expression of Interest basis. As a first step, candidates who would like to be considered for a CSQ complete an online profile that is then entered into the QSWP's bank of candidates.

Differences between the PEQ and the QSWP

The PEQ is only open to candidates with eligible work or study experience in Quebec. The QSWP is open to both candidates in Quebec and those living overseas, including those who have never been to the province.

While the PEQ employs set criteria to select candidates, the QSWP ranks them using a points grid and issues invitations to apply for a CSQ according to their score or other factors.

If a potential applicant for permanent immigration to Quebec meets the eligibility requirements for the PEQ, it is strongly recommended that he or she apply to it. A complete, eligible application for selection under the PEQ will be processed in as little as 20 working days.

Processing times for an application submitted under the QSWP are longer.

Applications for a CSQ through the QSWP must be made through the online intake management system Mon Projet Québec. A potential applicant is required to create and submit a profile, after which he or she will receive a list of required documents to support the information submitted in the profile. To find out more about Mon Projet Québec, consult the comprehensive Mon Projet Quebec Frequently Asked Questions page.

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