Mon projet Québec is an online immigration application management system used by the Canadian province of Quebec in order to process applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Below is a list of frequently asked questions concerning Mon projet Québec.

Mon projet Québec is an online immigration application management system used by the Canadian province of Quebec in order to process applications for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ) through the QSWP. After receiving a CSQ, successful applicants may then submit an application to the federal immigration authorities for Canadian permanent residence.

Mon projet Québec was launched on January 5, 2016. Candidates for immigration to Canada through the QSWP must use the secure space Mon projet Québec in order to submit an application for immigration to Canada under the QSWP.

No. Mon projet Québec will be reserved, for the time being, for applicants under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program only. Applicants to the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ, or Québec Experience Program) are not able to submit an application to the PEQ through Mon projet Québec

No. Applicants who have already submitted an application and received Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) of their application are not required to engage with Mon projet Québec

Depending on the information provided by the candidate when he or she creates a profile through Mon projet Québec, a personalized documentation checklist will be provided to the candidate. When the Ministère is ready to process an application, a personalized list of required documents will be sent to the candidate’s Mon projet Québec account. 

The candidate will be given 90 days to send the documents by mail. Processing of the application will begin once the Ministère has received these documents. If a candidate is unable to submit a document in the format requested, he or she must send an explanation in writing to the Ministère. 

No. Supporting documents are only required to be submitted after the personalized list of required documents has been sent to the candidate’s Mon projet Québec account.

It is currently possible to create a new account in Mon projet Québec

Mon projet Québec is available in French only. However, user guides explaining how to create an account in Mon projet Québec and how to complete an immigration application will be available in French and English in the section “Documents utiles” in the Mon projet Québec secure space.

A user guide that explains the different steps in creating an account will be available online in French and English to help applicants complete their immigration application in Mon projet Québec

As of January 2016, anyone wishing to submit an application for a CSQ under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program must use the Mon projet Québec application management system. 

Yes. Government processing fees for 2017 can be reviewed in the table below.

Applicant Fees
Principal Applicant CAD $785
Spouse, de facto spouse CAD $168
Each dependant child CAD $168

Yes. New fees came into effect on January 1, 2018. 

It is possible to declare a mandatary (i.e. certified Canadian immigration attorney or consultant) after creating an account in Mon projet Québec, but accounts still have to be created and managed individually with individual logins that cannot be shared with a mandatary. 

If the maximum number of applications to be received by the Ministère has already been attained, candidates will not be able to activate the function to submit an online application. If an application was submitted and the fees paid within the prescribed timeframe (30 days from the date of submission), it will be counted among the maximum number of applications to be received by the Ministère. Candidates must make sure to send their payment quickly to ensure that the application is officially counted. 

According to the government of Quebec, processing times will be gradually reduced with the new system.

No, applications in print version cannot be transferred online to Mon projet Québec

No. The principal applicant creates a single account through which an immigration application is submitted for the members of the same family. 

The Ministère has announced that the intake limit of 10,000 applications for the period of April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 has been reached. Therefore, it is not expected that another intake period will open. Moreover, the Ministère has announced that the information in the accounts of those individuals who did not submit their profiles during the intake periods in June and August 2016 will be deleted during Fall 2016. The date of deletion will be announced beforehand.

The Ministère states that individuals must submit their application through Mon projet Québec within 90 days of beginning their profile, or the application will be deleted.

Applicants with a validated job offer in Quebec, or temporary residents in Quebec who are eligible to submit an application, may still do so at any time.

Once the application has been submitted, candidates will have 30 days to pay the fees. If a candidate does not submit and pay the fees within the prescribed timeframe, the application will be deleted.

In general, the information requested in Mon projet Québec will be identical to the information requested on the print version of the form. What will differ is the way in which the questions are asked since the online application involves electronic functions. 


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