The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream provides a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for Express Entry candidates who meet specified labour market needs in the province.

This unique stream is flexible and the specified occupations and criteria may vary from draw to draw, depending on Nova Scotia's labour market and social needs.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream targets Express Entry candidates.

Candidates interested in applying under this stream must have a valid federal Express Entry profile under one of the three federal economic immigration programs:

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Results of the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream draw held December 20, 2019

Letters of Interest were issued to Express Entry candidates who:

  • have a primary occupation of advertising, marketing or public relations (NOC 1123);
  • provide letters of reference from employers to demonstrate they have two or more years of full-time or equivalent part-time experience in advertising, marketing or public relations within five years preceding the application;
  • have a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 9 or higher in English in all four language abilities;
  • hold a master's degree and provide proof of their education;
  • have a valid Express Entry profile that was submitted on or after January 1, 2019;

Minimum Eligibility Requirements 

To apply for a provincial nomination under Nova Scotia's Labour Market Priorities stream, candidates in the Express Entry pool must:

  1. Receive a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) in their Express Entry profile;
  2. Meet draw-specific eligibility criteria outlined in the draw announcement posted by the NSOI;
  3. Demonstrate that they meet the work experience requirements for their Express Entry class (i.e. FSW, FSTC AND CEC);
  4. Have the required supporting documentation/letters of reference from employers to demonstrate work experience; 
  5. Show sufficient settlement funds to successfully settle in Nova Scotia alone or with accompanying family members and pay the required immigration costs and travel expenses. The NSOI will not approve an application if it seems likely that the family income (based on your job offer and any spousal income) will be below Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-Off (LICO); and
  6. Have legal status in their country of residence when applying for the stream. 

Draw-specific eligibility requirements 

Express Entry candidates may be invited to apply for a provincial nomination certificate based on criteria specified by the NSOI in the draw announcement. The NSOI says eligibility criteria may be different for each draw and depends on Nova Scotia's labour market needs.

Candidates in the Express Entry pool are encouraged to review the criteria specified on the NSOI’s website.

Work experience requirements

Applicants also will be required to demonstrate that they have the required work experience in a priority occupation specified by the NSOI and provide the required supporting documentation.

The NSOI says that Express Entry candidates must show that their work experience matches the description listed in the federal government's National Occupational Classification (NOC) that is listed in the draw announcement.  

Application Process 

1. Apply to the NSNP under the Labour Market Priorities Stream

To be considered under this NSNP stream, candidates must have a registered profile in the federal government’s Express Entry selection system. 

To apply under the Labour Market Priorities stream, Express Entry candidates must first receive a Letter of Interest through their federal Express Entry profile. Candidates with a Letter of Interest from the Government of Nova Scotia will have 30 days to submit a complete application with required supporting documents online to the NSOI.

A list of the draw-specific supporting documents required for the application process will be posted on the NSNP website. All supporting documents must be provided as portable document format (PDF) files. If documents are not in English or in French, the candidate must submit a copy of the original document and a copy of the certified translation. 

Candidates will need to provide the letters of reference to support the work experience listed in the Express Entry profile as well as the requirements outlined by the NSOI.

Other documents include official banking statements to show proof of settlement funds and a copy of a valid passport or temporary resident visa if the applicant is not a citizen of their country of residence (including Canada). 

2. Nomination/Refusal Decision 

If an application is approved, the candidate receives a letter from the NSOI through their online Express Entry profile. The NSOI will also provide the candidate (or representative) with a Nomination Certificate via email. 

Applications that are being considered for refusal will receive a letter of Intent to Refuse from the NSOI. These candidates will have 10 business days to submit further documents to be re-assessed.  If an application is refused, there is no appeal process and the decision made by the NSOI is final.

3. Accepting the Nomination

Candidates will have 30 calendar days to accept the nomination from Nova Scotia. Once accepted, the next step is to obtain an Invitation to Apply from IRCC in a federal draw. Candidates in the Express Entry pool who receive a provincial nomination certificate from Nova Scotia will be awarded an additional 600 points towards their Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. 

4. Notification of Canadian Permanent Residence

When permanent residence is granted, foreign nationals must contact the NSOI within 30 days of arrival in Nova Scotia. This can be done by providing the NSOI with a copy of the Confirmation of Permanent Residence, a copy of your passport and your Nova Scotia contact information such as current address, phone number(s) and email address.

Who is not eligible for the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities Stream

Foreign nationals are not eligible for this stream if they:

  • have received a nomination under the NSNP dated within the last 12 months; or
  • are a refugee claimant or a failed refugee claimant who has not yet left Canada.

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