A church in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on a fall day

In a surprising update, the government of Ontario has announced that over the next week it will be issuing targeted Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to Express Entry candidates who work in one of many religious occupations. The province states that the move aims 'to improve the responsiveness of the program to labour market demands.'

These NOIs will be issued under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Human Capital Priorities stream, a passive Express Entry-aligned stream that seeks out potential newcomers to Canada from the federal Express Entry pool. Among other criteria, potential applicants must be in the pool and have at least 400 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

The targeted professions include Professional occupations in religion (National Occupational Classification code 4154) and Other religious occupations (4217).

Professional occupations in religion include the following job titles: 

  • archbishop
  • bishop
  • cardinal
  • chaplain
  • evangelist
  • granthi
  • imam
  • minister
  • moderator – religion
  • pastor
  • priest
  • rabbi

Other religious occupations include the following job titles:

  • brother/sister – religion
  • Christian science practitioner
  • deacon
  • missionary
  • monk
  • nun
  • pastoral animator
  • religious education worker
  • Salvation Army field worker

The above lists are not exhaustive, and job titles similar to those listed may be applicable under the relevant NOC code.

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