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Nova Scotia welcoming French-speaking immigrants

the CanadaVisa Team - 18 December, 2010

Many French-speaking immigrants choose to settle in the province of Quebec as French is widely spoken throughout the province. French-speaking immigrants who choose to settle in other provinces often have difficulties integrating into a mainly English workforce.

The Université Sainte-Anne's satellite campus in Halifax has created a program to assist Francophone immigrants integrate into Canadian life. In this program funded by the provincial office of immigration, Francophone participants are taught how to improve their English language skills, computer skills, and resume writing skills. In addition to learning how to market their skills to Canadian employers, participants learn about Canadian labour standards, occupational health, and safety in the workplace.

Nova Scotia is struggling to find French-speaking employees to fill their workforce and Francophone immigrants can greatly benefit from this shortage. An important part of the program is pairing up participants with local employers. Participants are able to gain valuable on-the-job-experience, which can aid them in finding future employment.

As more provinces begin accommodate Francophone immigrants, Quebec may no longer be the top settlement destination for French-speaking immigrants.
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