Large scale map of Quebec, Canada

The government of Quebec has announced that the upcoming application intake period for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) has been postponed. This decision was taken in response to technical issues experienced by potential applicants through the new Mon projet Québec online application system, which was launched last week.

The QSWP allows eligible applicants to immigrate to Canada after receiving a CSQ from the government of Quebec.

New guidelines and dates for the QSWP

The original opening date for the next application intake period was set to be January 18, 2016.

However, the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion (MIDI), the government department overseeing immigration to Quebec, has issued the following guidelines:

  • Candidates have until 25 January, 2016 to create their account in the secure space Mon projet Québec. After this date, it will not be possible to create a new account for the upcoming application intake period.
  • Between January 26 and February 15, 2016, candidates who have a Mon projet Québec account may access it to complete the application for a Quebec Selection Certificate/certificat de selection du Québec (CSQ).
  • As of February 16, 2016, it will be possible to submit an application and pay the required fees. The application intake period will end on March 31, 2016 at the latest.

The additional time allotted should allow a larger number of potential applicants to register before the application intake period begins.

Candidates have up to 90 days to submit an application from the time they started to complete the application in Mon projet Québec. Once the application has been submitted, candidates will have 30 days to pay the fees. If a candidate does not submit and pay the fees within the prescribed timeframe, the application will be deleted.

During the period February 16 to March 31, MIDI will receive a maximum of 2,800 applications for a CSQ under the QSWP through the Mon projet Québec. All applications under the QSWP must be submitted online through Mon projet Québec; the previous paper application system will no longer be in use.

Note: Candidates in either of the following situations are not subject to the cap and may submit an application for a CSQ at any time:

  • The applicant has enclosed a validated employment offer with the application for a selection certificate submitted under the QSWP; or
  • The applicant is a temporary resident in Quebec and eligible to submit an application for a CSQ.

Candidates in either of the above situations may use the Mon projet Québec system as of January 5, 2016. They are not required to wait until February 16.

To learn more about Mon projet Québec, read this comprehensive Mon projet Québec FAQ page.