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Manitoba's Recent Immigrants Have Highest Employment Rate in Canada

the CanadaVisa Team - 23 July, 2015

A new Statistics Canada 2006 report reveals that the province of Manitoba has one of the highest success rates in the country with respect to immigrants finding work after they arrive. Not only do immigrants in Manitoba have among the highest employment rates and lowest unemployment rates in Canada, the positive results reflect on very recent immigrants (those who have lived in Manitoba for five years or less) as well.

Throughout Canada, this group of very recent immigrants typically have the hardest time finding employment because of lack of recognition of foreign credentials, lack of Canadian work experience, and language barriers, explains the study. In Manitoba, the employment rate among this group is a country-leading 73.1 per cent and its unemployment rate is only 6.8 per cent, the second lowest in Canada. The capital city of Winnipeg has the narrowest gap in employment rates between these very recent immigrants and Canadian-born Winnipeg residents.

Manitoba's highly successful Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is largely responsible for these favourable employment statistics. In 2006, Manitoba received 6,600 newcomers under the Manitoba PNP, which accounted for over 60 per cent of all new immigrants to Manitoba. Even more significant, Manitoba received 50 per cent of all the provincial nominees who came to Canada in 2006.

Tayeb Meridje, a labour market specialist with Success Skills Centre notes that the employment success rate of new immigrants to Manitoba has improved significantly over the past ten years. He explains that in addition to the fact that today's immigrants are better qualified and better trained, many of them are looking for work in biotech and manufacturing, industries in which Manitoba has a keen demand for labour.

Manitoba's vibrant economy has stimulated a high demand for workers in recent years. The provincial government has responded by developing services and programs to help immigrants find work after they arrive.

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