Medical team review file

The Government of Canada has updated its list of countries for which an immigration medical examination is required in order to apply for a temporary resident visa.

Depending on an individual's country of residence at the time of the application and the duration of his or her intended temporary stay in Canada, a medical examination, or IME, may be required before that individual is granted entry to Canada. Not all temporary residents in Canada, or persons intending to come to Canada on a temporary basis, need to undergo an IME, but some do.

An IME is now required for residents of Tunisia, Singapore, Fiji and Timor-Leste.

The update also removed IME requirements for the following countries: Argentina, Bahrain, Belize, Colombia, French collectivity of Wallis and Futuna, Portugal, Seychelles, Surinam, Venezuela.

The changes came into effect Nov. 23, 2017, and affect the following people:

  • Temporary resident agricultural workers coming to Canada from the designated countries and territories outlined in the list.
  • Those who apply to visit Canada for longer than six months.
  • Those who, in the 1-year period before they seek entry to Canada or apply for a visa or permit, have spent more than six consecutive months in a country for which an IME is required.

For temporary resident visa applications submitted before Nov. 23, 2017, from countries for which an IME is no longer required, IRCC says the following applies:

  • No IME is required if the IME has not been started.
  • An IME is required if the IME has been started.

For applications submitted before November 23, 2017, from residents of Singapore, Tunisia or Fiji, IRCC says no IME is required.

For more information on Immigration medical examinations, see our Visiting Canada: Find out if you need a medical exam page.