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ENTRY Program helps new Manitobans get started on their settlement

the CanadaVisa Team - 24 July, 2015

Newcomers to the province of Manitoba can get started with their settlement process with the ENTRY program, a four-week program designed to help immigrants learn about life and work in Manitoba.

The ENTRY program, which is administered by Altered Minds Inc, a non-profit organization, covers a different aspect of the settlement process each week.

Immigrants begin with covering “Employment and Education” in the first week. The second week features “Places to Go,” which helps newcomers orient themselves around services, public transportation systems, banking, free English courses, and so on.

The topic for the third week is “Laws,” which is designed to teach immigrants about Canadian and provincial laws that they may not be aware of. The program concludes with the subject entitled “Health,” which informs newcomers about how to obtain and use a health card, how to find a family doctor, where to find emergency services, and so on.

A one-week express program covering all of the above topics is also offered.

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