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1,936 Invitations to Apply Issued in December 16 Express Entry Draw

the CanadaVisa Team - 16 December, 2016

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The latest Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada has resulted in 1,936 candidates in the pool with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 497 being issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Unlike the previous draw, which took place on November 30 and only issued ITAs to candidates with a provincial nomination, the December 16 draw was not program specific; all candidates in the pool with at least 497 CRS points received an ITA, regardless of the program they were eligible under or whether or not they had a provincial nomination certificate.

Although this is the second draw that has taken place since changes to the system were implemented on November 19, it is the first non-program-specific draw since that date. Therefore, it is viewed by many stakeholders as the first indication of how the distribution of candidates in the CRS may have been affected by those changes, which included the awarding of points to former international students in Canada and a substantial decrease in the number of CRS points that may be awarded for a job offer.

However, the number of candidates who may claim points for a job offer has increased. The requirements surrounding the job offer have been relaxed to include many candidates holding an employer-specific work permit in Canada, such as a NAFTA work permit or a work permit issued to Intra-company transferees.

Consequently, it was expected that the CRS cut-off point in the first non-program-specific draw after the changes have come into force may actually go up to allow for the fact that more candidates with job offers may claim additional points. This has turned out to be the case, as the CRS cut-off point has increased to 497 from 470 (ignoring the intervening program-specific draw, held on November 30).

Once this initial group of candidates has exited the pool, however, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) expects the CRS cut-off point to decrease. Stakeholders should note IRCC’s desired and expected outcome of the recent changes, which state that candidates without a job offer are likely to have a better chance of receiving an ITA. Indeed, at the recent Annual Immigration Law Summit, held this past November in Toronto, an IRCC representative stated that 'A reduction of points to candidates with arranged employment means the CRS cut-off will decline.'

Program-specific draws have been rare since Express Entry was first launched nearly two years ago. Of the 49 draws that have taken place, only two have made an additional determination of who may receive an ITA based on a specific program.

IRCC has also gone on record as stating its objective 'to put greater weight on human capital, skills and experience.' From January to September, 2016, 35 percent of ITAs were issued to candidates without a job offer or provincial nomination; IRCC expects this figure to increase over time.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the system used by IRCC to select candidates for immigration to Canada through the federal economic immigration programs. Candidates who wish to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class are required to do so through Express Entry.

Eligible candidates create a profile which is submitted to the Express Entry pool. Upon entering the pool, candidates are assigned a CRS score which determines their ranking in the pool. The highest-ranking candidates are issued an ITA in IRCC’s periodic draws.

Candidates in the pool may increase their ranking in a number of ways. Learn more about increasing CRS score and ranking.

For more information on draws from the Express Entry pool that have taken place so far, consult this table.

Express Entry quick facts, from January 1, 2015 to December 16, 2016

Draws From The Express Entry Pool (Updated)

Express Entry Draws: 2016

Draw #Minimum CRS Score RequiredDate of Draw# of ITAs Issued
49497December 16, 20161,936
48786 (*candidates with a provincial nomination only)November 30, 2016559
47470November 16, 20162,427
46472November 2, 20162,080
45475October 19, 20161,804
44484October 12, 20161,518
43483September 21, 20161,288
42491September 7, 20161,000
41538August 24, 2016750
40490August 10, 2016754
39488July 27, 2016755
38482July 13, 2016747
37482June 29, 2016773
36488June 15, 2016752
35483June 1, 2016762
34484May 18, 2016763
33534May 6, 2016799
32468April 20, 20161,018
31470April 6, 2016954
30470March 23, 20161,014
29473March 8, 20161,013
28453February 24, 20161,484
27459February 10, 20161,505
26457January 28, 20161,468
25453January 13, 20161,518
24461January 6, 20161,463

Express Entry Draws: 2015

Draw #Minimum CRS Score RequiredDate of Draw# of ITAs Issued
23460December 18, 20151,503
22461December 4, 20151,451
21472November 27, 20151,559
20484November 13, 20151,506
19489October 23, 20151,502
18450October 2, 20151,530
17450September 18, 20151,545
16459September 8, 20151,517
15456August 21, 20151,523
14471August 7, 20151,402
13451July 17, 20151,581
12463July 10, 20151,516
11469June 27, 20151,575
10482June 12, 20151,501
9755May 22, 20151,361
8453April 17, 2015715
7469April 10, 2015925
6453March 27, 20151,637
5481March 20, 20151,620
4735February 27, 20151,187
3808 (*Canadian Experience Class only)February 20, 2015849
2818February 7, 2015779
1886January 31, 2015779

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