Work Experience - Federal Skilled Worker Program

Last updated: 2 September 2020

The work experience factor is one of the six factors for which points are awarded by Canadian Immigration Officers in determining whether a Federal Skilled Worker applicant will be accepted or refused under the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Up to 15 points are awarded under the work experience factor, based upon the number of years of experience. The applicant requires at least 12 months of full-time* skilled work experience (or the equivalent in part-time work), and points can be earned for up to six years of work experience. This work experience must be acquired in an occupation listed by the Government of Canada as having a 0, A or B NOC code.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

Work ExperiencePoints (15 max)
1 year (at least one year of continuous work or 1,560 hours total)9 points
2-3 years11 points
4-5 years13 points
6 years or more15 points

*Full-time work refers to at least 30 hour per week. For part-time work, the applicant could have worked more or less than 15 hours per week as long as it adds up to 1,560 hours.

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