Uneven Delays = Discrimination

February 26th, 2008

If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, and want to sponsor your dependent child who resides, say, in China or Turkey, you will likely wait about four months to be reunited. On the other hand, if your child happens to reside in Egypt, the same process will take 34 months. Why should that be?

Similarly, a Brazilian applicant for Canadian Permanent Residency under the Skilled Worker Category will wait, on average, 14 months for a visa; while a Skilled Worker applicant in Pakistan can wait more than five years. Again, what’s that about?

According to federal opposition Member of Parliament, Jim Karygiannis, more than incompetence is involved. “It’s discrimination when you have people applying from one part of the world and it takes eight months from one part of the world and two years from another.” I have to agree.

The current Minister of Immigration blames the previous government for the delays in general and the uneven application processing times in particular. However, her Conservative Party came to power more than two years ago and that excuse is wearing awfully thin. What say you?

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One Response to “Uneven Delays = Discrimination”

  • On August 18th, 2009, stella said ...

    well I too feel that a little faster and easier process can be helpful.there are so many people frustrated with the lengthy process.something time saving should be adopted

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