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If you are a business person looking to make an investment in Canada, the Business Immigration Program may be an important fast-track Canadian immigration option for you. Business Immigration seeks to attract foreign nationals with business and managerial experience who will contribute to the development of the Canadian economy. Through this priority processing program, you could be immigrating to Canada in a matter of months.

Business immigration is an important source of newcomers with culturally diverse business experience. They are important contributors to the Canadian economy as they help Canadian businesses expand into different market bases both locally and globally.

The federal Business Immigration Program has three classes of applicants:

  • The Immigrant Investor Program seeks experienced business people who will invest C$400,000 into the Canadian economy, which will be guaranteed by the Canadian Government and returned after five years, without interest. The investment will be used to create jobs and further bolster the economy. To qualify for this fast-track Canadian immigration program, you will need to show that you have at least two years of business management experience within the past five years, have a net worth of C$800,000 and be willing to make a C$400,000 investment.
  • The Entrepreneur Program is designed for experienced business people who intend to own and manage businesses in Canada that will create new jobs. An approved applicant will commit to managing and owning at least one third of a Canadian business of a defined size for at least one year within the three years following arrival in Canada. To qualify, you will need to demonstrate that you have at least two years of business management experience within the past five years and that you have a net worth of at least C$300,000.
  • The Self-Employed Persons Program is intended for particular applicants who have the ability to be self-employed in Canada in occupations that can make significant contributions to Canadian culture or Canadian athletic life or who have the intention to purchase and run a farm in Canada. To qualify under this program, you will need to demonstrate your relevant experience, meaning either participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics, or farm management experience.

For each category, you will need to satisfy minimum criteria based on education, experience, age, language ability, and adaptability, and you must also pass medical and security checks.

Not only will Business Immigration help you immigrate to Canada more quickly, but during these uncertain economic times, Canada is also a good place to invest your money. Canada's banking system was recently named "the soundest in the world" in a report published by the World Economic Forum. The results were pulled from a survey of business executives that ranked each country on a broad array of issues that affect a country's ability to attract and retain new business investment. Out of 134 countries, Canada's banking system was ranked at the top of the list in terms of "soundness of banks".

Additionally, if you intend to immigrate to a particular province, many Provincial Nominee Programs include their own business immigration programs, as does Quebec Business Immigration. These programs are more tailored-made for each province, and by making your investment through a provincial business immigration program, your investment would benefit your new home province directly.


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