Alberta Express Entry Stream

Last updated: 14 May 2021

Canada Provincial Nominee Immigration Program (PNP)

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)'s new Express Entry Stream allows the province of Alberta to nominate a limited number of eligible candidates from the Government of Canada’s Express Entry pool.

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You may get selected for the AINP if you have strong ties to Alberta or if you can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities.

If you are nominated by a Canadian province, you receive 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, and an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in a subsequent draw from the Express Entry candidate pool. 

International graduates who have completed their studies in a Canadian post-secondary institution may also be considered under this stream. 

How the AINP selects Express Entry Candidates 

You can only apply to the Alberta Express Entry stream after receiving a Notification of Interest (NOI) letter from the province. Eligible candidates will be contacted directly by the AINP through their Express Entry profile. 

Only those Express Entry candidates who receive an invitation, or NOI letter from the AINP can submit an application for a provincial nomination under the Alberta Express Entry Stream. 

The AINP will select candidates based on the self-declared information in their Express Entry profile. 

You may receive a NOI if you:

  • Have an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool;
  • Have stated an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta;
  • Are working in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification; and
  • Have a minimum CRS score of 300.

In addition, the AINP is more likely to select you if you have one or more adaptability factors. You must: 

  • Have a valid Alberta job offer and/or work experience; and/or
  • Be a graduate of an Alberta post-secondary institution with a valid Alberta job offer; and/or
  • Have Parent, child, brother and/or sister who is a permanent resident living in Alberta, or a Canadian citizen living in Alberta.

You must receive an email request to submit an application to apply to the program.

Factors that may decrease the chances of receiving a NOI letter include:

Alberta Express Entry Draws 

Draw dateMinimum CRS score Number of NOIs Issued
May 5, 2021300250
April 20, 2021301200
April 6, 2021302


March 26, 2021301300
March 2, 2021301200
February 16, 2021



February 10, 2021


January 28, 2021360100
January 8, 202140650
June 17, 2020303187
July 7, 2020303187
May 27, 2020300148
May 13, 2020300191
April 29, 2020322200
April 14, 2020353200
April 1, 2020381120
March 18, 2020300138
March 4, 2020300100
February 20, 2020300150
January 29,2020300150
January 22, 2020350201
January 9, 2020350150
December 5, 2019400132
November 6, 2019400148
October 30, 201935029
October 24, 2019300372
October 9, 2019350115
September 25, 2019400374
September 18, 2019350139
September 11, 2019302339
August 28, 2019400294
August 15, 2019400121
August 7, 201935235
July 31, 2019400319
July 24, 2019303220
July 17, 2019400251
July 10, 2019425180
June 21, 2019300262
May 15, 2019301197
May 2, 2019400119
April 24, 2019400133
April 15, 2019400179
April 9, 2019300172
April 2, 2019400356
March 26, 2019400370
March 19, 2019400271
March 15, 2019300106
March 12, 2019400462
March 5, 2019400473
February 22, 2019302130
February 1, 2019301168
January 25, 201930181
January 10, 2019300337
November 6, 201830257
October 16, 201830494
October 10, 201831947
September 14, 2018301152
August 23, 201831224
July 26, 201830267
July 6, 2018302155
July 26, 201830267

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