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Canada College: Study, Work, and Immigrate

Begin your journey in fall 2020!

Complete our Study Pathway Form so Canada College can help you!

Canada College: Study, Work, and Immigrate

Begin your journey in fall 2020!

Complete our Study Pathway Form so Canada College can help you!

Do you want a high-quality education in one of the world’s best cities, and also the chance to work in Canada and improve your eligibility for Canadian permanent resident status? Then you may wish to consider studying at Canada College in Montreal, Quebec beginning in fall 2020.

Note: Due to the global coronavirus situation, the Canadian government is allowing new international students to begin their programs online in the fall of 2020 and still be eligible to work in Canada after they complete their Canadian education. By beginning your program at Canada College this fall, you can be eligible to work in Canada for up to three years after finishing your Canada College program as long as you arrive to Canada by December 31, 2020. If you need to come to Canada in 2021, you will still be eligible to work in Canada after your studies but your work permit length will be under three years in duration.

Benefits of Studying at Canada College

Canada College is a leading designated learning institution (DLI) in Montreal, Quebec that welcomes thousands of international students each year.

DLIs are educational institutions that are authorized by the Canadian government to welcome international students.

Studying at Canada College offers many benefits, including:

About Canada College's Programs

Canada College offers three AEC programs designed to help international students gain practical knowledge and work experience so they can become successful professionals in the Canadian economy.

“AEC” means “Attestation of College Studies” in French. AEC programs are designed to help adults gain skills and knowledge that will help their careers.

The three AEC programs are:

Programs are 2-years in length. Each program contains at least one internship of at least 255 hours of work experience in length (the Early Childhood Education program contains two internships).

Steps to Study at Canada College, Work, and Immigrate

Step 1:

Complete CanadaVisa’s Study Pathway Form and indicate you wish to study in Quebec. Canada College will then contact you with more assistance.

Step 2:

Canada College will contact you via email and/or phone to help you.

Step 3:

Submit a completed application to Canada College. If you meet Canada College’s requirements, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance on the same day that it reviews your application.

Step 4:

Once you have received a Letter of Acceptance, submit an application to the Quebec government to receive a Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

Step 5:

Once you have obtained a Quebec Acceptance Certificate, submit a study permit application to the Canadian government.

Step 6:

After completing your program at Canada College, submit an application to the Canadian government for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Step 7:

Apply for Canadian permanent residence status under a federal or provincial program. Examples include the Quebec Experience Program, the Canadian Experience Program, or the Provincial Nominee Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will gain an excellent education that is recognized by Canadian employers and government authorities.
  • Montreal is one of the best cities in the world to live in with residents from 200 different countries.
  • Canada College offers some of the most affordable tuition to international students in Canada, and Montreal is more affordable than Toronto and Vancouver.
  • You will get practical work experience as part of your Canada College program which will give you an advantage in finding a job when you graduate.
  • Canada College’s programs will allow you to be eligible for a maximum three-year Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which will provide you with more time to gain the Canadian work experience you need to become eligible for even more Canadian immigration programs.
  • Canada College is very supportive of its international students and does its best to make them feel at home.
  • Canada College’s campus is located in downtown Montreal next to many of the city’s best attractions.
  • You can improve your English skills and also learn French.
  • Canada College has 6 intake periods each year so you can begin your program whenever it is convenient for you.
  1. Proof of English-language proficiency (IELTS must have a test score 6 band overall and no less than 5.5 in each section)
  2. Completed application form
  3. Copy of diploma and transcripts
  4. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  5. Professional certificate or work certificate (Optional)
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Copy of passport
  8. Proof of address

The total cost for the 2-year program is $18,500 CAD, plus a registration fee of $250. This is one of the most affordable programs in Canada. Some programs will cost international students this amount of money or more each year. You can also work while studying at Canada College to support your living expenses in Montreal.

  • January
  • March
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • November

No. While French is Quebec’s official language, most people in Montreal also speak English. English is widely used across Montreal, including at educational institutions, workplaces, and in every day society.

At the same time, living in Montreal provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn French, which will help to improve your career prospects, support your economic and social integration, and enhance your Canadian immigration chances.

Montreal is much more affordable than Toronto and Vancouver. Unlike those two cities, Montreal tends to have a greater supply of accommodation available which makes living costs much lower.

According to numbeo.com, Montreal’s cost of living is 16% lower than in Toronto. Rent in Montreal is 44% lower on average than in Toronto.

numbeo.com also reports that Montreal’s cost of living is 25% lower than Vancouver and rent is 45% lower on average.

Yes, if you complete your two-year AEC program at Canada College, you may be eligible to obtain a three-year Post-Graduation Work Permit.

The PGWP is available to international students that have completed a qualifying educational program in Canada. It enables students to work for any employer in Canada. The ultimate length of the PGWP depends on the length of your educational program in Canada. A major benefit of the PGWP is it can help you become eligible for more Canadian immigration programs, some of which require candidates to have a minimum amount of Canadian or foreign work experience to qualify for the program.

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements of the program you are applying to. For example, you may be eligible to apply to the Quebec Experience Program after studying at Canada College as long as you demonstrate French language proficiency and an intention to settle in Quebec and hold a job in the province.

You can begin your Canada College program online, and still be eligible to receive a PGWP after finishing your program. If you come to Canada before December 31, 2020, you will remain eligible to receive the maximum three-year duration PGWP.

You will still be eligible for a PGWP, but your time outside of Canada after this date will be deducted from the length of time of your PGWP. In other words, your PGWP will be under three years in duration.

Canada College’s students come from 70 different countries. Studying at Canada College will give you a multicultural experience. You will meet international students from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe.

Canada College provides Community Employment Services to assist Canada College graduates in putting their education to work. Alumni use Canada College’s job search assistance to help them find work after graduation. Canada College has helped thousands of graduates find employment due to its services and strong networks with employers in Montreal and across Canada.

Your college experience is more than just going to class, reading textbooks, doing assignments and taking tests. It’s also about experiencing all that Canada College has to offer to you. Canada College offers many supports and activities to help you ease into your transition to life in Montreal.

  • Add real world job experience to your resume.
  • Get experience searching and applying for jobs, and practise your interview skills with real employers.
  • Get work references and build contacts in the industry.
  • Get support from Canada College’s skilled and knowledgeable co-op team who can help you refine your job finding process and achieve success.