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Please note: Campbell Cohen no longer has a partnership with Rosetta Stone. For free IELTS practice tests and language learning tools, please see this page. For more information about proving French language proficiency for Canadian immigration purposes, please see this page.

Rosetta Stone is the worldwide leader in computer-based language learning software. Its comprehensive, immersive program has been called "the next best thing to living in a country" by the Wall Street Journal, and it is used throughout the world by individuals, business, and governments looking to gain language proficiency for themselves or their employees.

Campbell Cohen has partnered with Rosetta Stone to provide clients with an unparalleled opportunity to improve their French language skills in order to submit their application to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. All new applicants in need of French language study may now register for a special discounted course of learning through Rosetta Stone, with unique benefits available only to our clients.

What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is a computer program that helps people of all levels learn a new language or improve their current language skills. Individuals can commit to a timeframe for learning that fits with their own schedule and time commitments.

The Rosetta Stone software is intelligent, meaning that it tailors its courses for each individual user. The program employs an interactive and immersive approach to learning, combining images, voice, and text to convey information without the need for translations. The course covers all aspects of language learning, with an emphasis on speaking and listening. The lessons are presented in a varied and entertaining format to ensure that the user not only learns their target language, but has fun while doing so.

Why Are We Providing This Service?

Recent changes to Quebec immigration now mandate that all applicants obtain and submit standardized French language test scores before their overall application will be accepted for processing. At Campbell Cohen, we understand that many applicants to Quebec immigration programs are not native French speakers, though they wish to learn the language. We also understand that due to location, busy schedules, and the cost of personal tutoring, this French requirement is often the most difficult part of an individual’s application process. This is why we are offering a service that can be accessed entirely online, at any time, and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our firm cares deeply about our clients and their goals of coming to Canada as permanent residents. Therefore, we have partnered with the leading language learning software provider so that we can better assist clients in all aspects of the application process, and ensure that we are supporting them every step of the way.

Program Benefits

Through Campbell Cohen’s partnership with Rosetta Stone, clients not only have access to the computer program, but also to a full range of support services. Each individual will have a personal language coach who is fluent in their native language, who will assist them with their plans of action and help them to troubleshoot any problems that arise while taking the course.

The Rosetta Studio is an online portal that allows users to participate in live practice sessions offered every 50 minutes. The student-teacher ratio in these online sessions is 4:1, with students that are all the same language level. These practice sessions may be used on an unlimited basis, scheduled in advance, and participated in from anywhere with an internet connection.

Users will also have access to Rosetta World, an interactive website that combines language learning with games and supplementary activities. They will be able to interact with fellow students as well as native speakers, and gradually unlock additional activities as they progress with their studies.

Your Options

Discounted rates also apply in situations where the principal applicant and accompanying spouse or common-law partner both wish to enhance their French language skills.