New caters to speeding up the Canadian immigration application process.

The Law Firm of Campbell Cohen has launched a fresh version of their Canadian immigration website with a distinct and focused message: you can get to Canada sooner than you think. The new strategic direction of the site is inspired by feedback from clients, many of whom express concern about immigration waiting times. The new website provides visitors with tools and solutions to alleviate this concern.

Attorney David Cohen states, "The 'one size fits all' approach of the Skilled Worker category is no longer effective for many people around the world. The process of immigrating to Canada can be tailored to each individual with the goal of getting people to Canada faster." Cohen advises applicants to obtain a Canadian job offer as a way to get to Canada faster. Featured prominently on the new is the free Canada Job Search tool, which puts Canadian jobs at visitors' fingertips. Though valuable supporting information continues to educate website visitors about the immigration process, has evolved from an info-centric site to a centre of Canadian immigration support where solutions are at the forefront.

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  • Upfront Medicals no Longer Available for Family Class Applicants

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