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Vancouver to Become New Host of TED Talks

the CanadaVisa Team - 05 February, 2013

The Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has been selected as the host of the popular TED Talk series. TED, which stands for “Technology, Entertainment, and Design” is where leaders and innovators are invited at events around the world to give ‘the most important talk of their lives’. In recent years it has become a global sensation, with over 1,200 spin-off talks given in cities across the world.

Vancouver will host the keystone TED conference in 2014, 2015, and potentially longer. The event will bring approximately 1,400 attendees a year who pay $7,500 USD each for the privilege of attending talks and other activities.

“I think the spirit of the city is wonderful for TED. We’ve met so many people who are dreaming big here,” said TED Talks owner Chris Anderson.

Greg Classen, of the Canadian Tourism Commission, agrees. “This is a game-changer for Vancouver. We’re known as a world-class tourism destination, but this shows we’re breaking through in thought leadership.”

In addition to its reputation for innovative leadership, the city’s natural beauty and commitment to sustainability earned its place as TED host. The event will be held at the Vancouver Convention center, which is considered the world’s most eco-friendly meeting venue.

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