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Twenty-Seven Candidates Invited to Apply to Manitoba Business Stream

the CanadaVisa Team - 04 September, 2017

Saint boniface winnipeg
Saint boniface winnipeg

The government of Manitoba issued 27 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) on September 1 under the Manitoba Business Stream (MPNP-B), part of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Candidates invited to apply for immigration to Manitoba on this occasion had between 90 and 100 points under the unique MPNP-B points grid.

Of the 27 candidates invited in this round of invitations, 17 had 90 points, with the remaining 10 having between 91 and 100 points.

The MPNP-B allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people with the intent and ability to reside in the province and make a significant investment in a new or existing business and hold an active managerial role. Manitoba’s MPNP-B promotes the province’s economic growth as it is designed to retain successful business owners and professionals with executive-level experience.

Potential applicants are first required to register under a unique Expression of Interest (EOI) system, whereby they submit their intention to apply to the program. Much like the federal Express Entry system, interested applicants begin the process by creating an online profile on the MPNP website. The profiles of candidates are then placed into the MPNP-B EOI pool and are assigned a score based on an assessment of their age, business knowledge and experience, net worth, language ability, and connection to Manitoba.

The highest-ranked candidates are invited to apply by receiving a LAA from the MPNP. After receiving a LAA, candidates have 60 days to submit their application to the program.

Over the same period through since the last draw, which occurred in late July, a total of 41 applications were received, including applications submitted under the Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FSRI). The FSRI initiative targets applicants who will live on a farm in rural Manitoba and manage the everyday operations of the farm.

To find out if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada as a business person, please fill out a free business assessment form.

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