Canada flagIn a survey of countries in Europe and North America, Canada was found to be better at integrating immigrants into society compared to most other countries.

The Migrant Integration Policy Index, used in the survey, measures various factors, such as public education, paths to citizenship, and political engagement. Based on the factors, Canada placed third after Sweden and Portugal.

High marks were given to Canada in the multicultural model, due in part to government improvements in recognizing the credentials of foreign-trained professions and for various educational programs, such as teaching immigrants how to live in a diverse society. Although Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has been highly criticized for reducing parent and grandparent sponsorships this year, Canada still scored highly in the survey for family reunification policies.

Recent Canadian opinion polls show that a majority of the public supports high immigration levels and agree immigration should not be reduced. This survey, in addition to various opinion polls, help to confirm the popular belief that Canada is doing fairly well on integrating immigrants into Canadian society.