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Students in Canada positive about job prospects

the CanadaVisa Team - 08 July, 2015


Students in Canada are feeling increasingly confident about their career prospects once they enter the Canadian workforce. A survey by Environics Research Group found that 77 percent of students are optimistic about finding and enjoying work in their field, and more than half expect to be able to pay back students loans without difficulty.

At any one moment, there are around 200,000 post-high school international students in Canada. This figure is expected to increase year-on-year, with as many as 400,000 international students expected to be studying in Canada by 2022.

“With the Canadian government looking more towards candidates who have Canadian academic backgrounds and work experience in Canada, it’s hugely important that students looking to immigrate to Canada feel optimistic about their Career prospects in Canada,” said Attorney David Cohen. “These are candidates who may enter the pool under the proposed Express Entry system. Provinces, municipalities and employers are more likely to be attracted to them, and the candidates themselves will likely be more inclined to seek permanent residency in Canada if the environment at school is positive and the Canadian economy is strong.”

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