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Quebec adds occupations to list of Facilitated LMIA process for hiring temporary workers

Alexandra Miekus - 06 June, 2022

Canada Visa News Quebec LMI Aupdate r
Canada Visa News Quebec LMI Aupdate r

Employers in Quebec can now benefit from a simplified process when hiring foreign workers across a wider range of occupations.

On May 27, the Quebec government released an updated list of occupations eligible for the Facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessment process (LMIA). Nearly 60 occupations that fall under Level C of the National Occupational Classification, which are entry-level positions requiring a high school diploma or on-the-job training, have been added to the list in effect for 2022.

This is important for several reasons. First, because the Facilitated LMIA list is generally updated only once a year, every February 24, and also because the occupations on the list are generally highly skilled positions.

Exceptionally, in response to ongoing labour shortages in the province, Quebec and the Government of Canada have signed an agreement in August of 2021 that allows a broader range of occupations to benefit from the facilitated LMIA process under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The new measures are meant to make it easier for Quebec employers to recruit temporary foreign workers.

The province of Quebec holds a unique position within the Canadian immigration context. Quebec has been granted much more autonomy than other provinces to administer its immigration programs. As such, the province benefits from a unique and simplified process for hiring temporary foreign workers. 

While the facilitated process follows the same application procedure as a regular LMIA application, there are a number of differences in the process for Quebec employers:

Here's a look at some of the occupations that were added to the facilitated LMIA list on May 27.

You can find a complete list of occupations eligible for Facilitated LMIA processing by following this link.

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