weddingAs Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Government of Canada have noticed an increase in the number of fraudulent marriages, they are proposing changes for the Family Class immigration category, specifically for spousal sponsorships.

Under the Family Class category, Canadian permanent residents and citizens are able to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner (non-Canadian) for Canadian permanent residency. Currently, once a spouse/partner lands in Canada as a permanent resident, they are not obliged to stay with their spouse/partner.

The Government of Canada is proposing to impose a “conditional permanent residence” for non-Canadian spouses or partners who have been in a relationship with their Canadian sponsor for two years or less. The newcomer would have to remain in the relationship with their Canadian sponsor for two years upon their arrival in Canada. If the newcomer decides to leave his/her spouse/partner, the permanent residence status would be revoked, which may result in their removal from Canada.

The second change would impose a “sponsorship bar”. Sponsored spouses or partners would not be able to sponsor a new spouse/partner for at least five years.

The Government of Canada is accepting comments from the public regarding the proposed changes for the next 30 days. will report on any more changes once they have been announced.