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Ottawa Makes it Easier for Francophones to Work Outside Quebec

the CanadaVisa Team - 28 August, 2017

French parlez
French parlez

A change in the eligibility requirements for the Mobilité Francophone stream of the International Mobility Program will allow Canadian employers outside the province of Quebec to hire French-speaking workers more easily than before.

The following criterion has been removed from the program delivery instructions and is no longer an eligibility requirement: The foreign national has been recruited through a francophone immigration promotional event coordinated between the federal government and francophone-minority communities.

With this change, the recruiting process under Mobilité Francophone just became easier for employers and workers alike.

The Mobilité Francophone stream was established last year in order to help francophone communities outside Quebec enhance their distinct character. In launching the initiative, the federal government noted that businesses would benefit from being able to serve clients in French and English, as well as potentially tap into new markets or new international networks.

As Mobilité Francophone forms part of the International Mobility Program, employers hiring under this stream do not have to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before the hiring takes place.

Under Mobilité Francophone, the following conditions must be met:

Canadian employers interested in recruiting through Mobilité Francophone should take note of the following:

Employers and prospective foreign workers who are interested in the Mobilité Francophone stream may send an inquiry to Please include any relevant information about a job offer you may have and, for workers, information about your French language ability.

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