Ontario Entrepreneur Draw December 2

Ontario held a new draw for immigration candidates on December 2, inviting 16 foreign entrepreneurs to begin the application process. 

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)'s Entrepreneur Stream is for foreign nationals who are looking to implement a new business initiative or buy an existing business in Ontario.

Interested candidates must first submit an expression of interest to the OINP. Those who are eligible will then be entered into the pool of candidate profiles and ranked based on the Entrepreneur Stream's scoring grid.

The minimum score requirement in this round was 118.

Candidates needed to have their Expression of Interest scored by November 21, 2019, in order to be considered for this draw. 

Scores are comprised of two components — a self-declared score that is worth up to 126 points and a business concept score that is worth up to 74 points.

Those invited in the December 2 draw can now submit an online application accompanied by all necessary documents to the OINP and pay the application fee.

Candidates approved through the Entrepreneur Stream receive a letter of support from the OINP that they can then use to apply for a temporary work permit from Canada's federal government.

Candidates approved for a temporary work permit have 20 months to establish their business in Ontario and submit a final report to the OINP, which determines if the terms of their performance agreement have been met.

Approved candidates can then apply for a nomination from the OINP for Canadian permanent residence.

To review the eligibility requirements and the application process for the OINP's Entrepreneur Stream, visit this dedicated page.

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