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Nova Scotia Nominee Program Facilitates Immigration for International Graduates

the CanadaVisa Team - 08 July, 2015

Nova scotia map
Nova scotia map

International students who have graduated from a Canadian college or university now have the opportunity to easily settle in Nova Scotia after their studies are completed.

The province announced today that international graduates with a degree from a Canadian college or university can now apply for permanent residency through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program if they have a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.

“Now, because of these changes to the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, international graduates will have an avenue to immigrate to Nova Scotia that wasn’t open to them before,” said Durgesh Singh, a student in NSCC’s construction management program.

As previously reported, Nova Scotia’s population is steadily declining due to the high outflow of youth from the province. A recent report stated that attraction and retention of immigrant workers would help to prevent this.

The policy change is also expected to attract attention from prospective international students who are interested in studying in the province.

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