The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)’s eagerly anticipated new series, "The Border", tells the story of a cast of Canadian immigration and customs agents and how they deal with various border security issues. Award-winning filmmaker, Peter Raymont is executive producing the show, which was originally conceived by his late wife, Lindalee Tracey.

Tracey had spent much of her career following immigration enforcement and border issues - understanding and helping the dispossessed was central to her work.

"The characters on the show are often dealing with moral dilemmas, not just political ones, and whether they’re doing the right thing," explains one of the cast members. "It’s a character-based series, not just high action-packed drama – it’s both. The audience will be very engaged because of the broad issues it covers like terrorism, money-laundering, organ-trafficking. But even though it’s entertainment, the show really raises awareness on certain human rights issues and asks some really difficult questions."

The series provides an insight into the typical issues and crises that Canadian border-security agents face in their profession. What sets this series apart is that they also deal with the consequences of their actions, revealing a true human element to the occupation. "Are they rushing to judgment? Are the bad guys really bad guys, or just victims of racial profiling?" Raymont describes the series as "‘24’ but with a conscience".

Reviews are praising the show for its tight editing, quick dialogue, and the relevance of its storylines to international current events. It could become a global hit given the universal issues it tackles and its foundation of social justice. Already, a French channel has bought distribution rights to the show.

The premiere of "The Border" will air on Monday night (January 7) at 9:00 pm EST on the CBC.