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New Rule Proposed for Canadian Study Visas

the CanadaVisa Team - 15 August, 2012

The Government of Canada, in an attempt to eliminate ‘disingenuous’ students, plans to limit the issuance of study visas only to individuals who will study in government-accredited schools.

This decision was made in an effort to ensure that the recipients of study permits are in fact genuine students who plan to pursue a course of study. In the past, some individuals would use a study permit as a way to gain access to the Canadian labour market and apply for permanent residency without actually enrolling in a curriculum.

This plan has not yet been enacted, and has thus far only been expressed in a proposal published in the Canada Gazette. The news came quickly after a report, published by a government-commissioned task force, called for Canada to increase its number of foreign students by as much as double the current amount.

Currently, Canada enrolls approximately 239,000 foreign students at all levels of education. The report suggested for levels to be raised to 450,000 by 2022. In this way, it is hoped that Canada will be able to better encourage innovation and close projected labour market shortages.

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