truck driverBritish Columbia has revised its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to permanently include long-haul truck drivers as part of its program. Previously, long-haul truck drivers were considered under a pilot project program.

PNPs provide Canadian Permanent Resident Status to qualified people from around the world. These programs are based on the current labour market and economic development priorities. The British Columbia Trucking Association has been pressing the government to permanently include truck drivers as part of the PNP as they are in demand in the British Columbia labour market.

British Columbia has announced that it will be marketing its program and work opportunities to immigrants specifically from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, and India, although applicants from all over the world are invited to apply. The province is also requesting that Ottawa increase the number of nominations it is allowed to give out as it is currently limited to 3,500.

"The changes announced today will significantly enhance the effectiveness of the BC PNP in promoting job creation and economic growth in B.C.'s regions," announced Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation. "The program is a vital component of our jobs plan and one that benefits every region of British Columbia through job-creating investments and by helping to meet the growing demand for workers in key sectors of our economy."

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