The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) announced today that the International Post-Graduate (IPG) pilot project will become a permanent fixture in the province’s PNP program.

The IPG pilot project was created in 2010 and scheduled to run for a three-year trial period. It is intended to attract and retain international graduates who gained masters of doctoral degrees in the natural, applied or health sciences from a British Columbia institution.

Recently, the British Columbia PNP conducted an evaluation of the project. After surveying 462 nominees, it was determined that the project’s impact on the province’s labour market and other factors was positive. Amongst its findings, it determined that:

  • 67 percent of nominees are employed and 24 per cent are pursuing further advanced studies (mostly master's graduates enrolled in a PhD).
  • 88 percent of employed nominees work in an occupation directly related to their degree
  • In 2012, average income for employed nominees was $45,645.
  • 93 percent of IPG nominees continue to live in British Columbia.

In order to be eligible for this category of immigration, applicants must have satisfied the requirements for an eligible masters or PhD degree from a recognized institution in British Columbia. An application must be made within two years of the date shown on the final official transcript from the institution. Individuals who completed their studies more than six months before applying are expected to have obtained a valid temporary work permit.

The British Columbia PNP also operates a separate International Graduates category for individuals ho have been offered full-time, permanent employment by an employer in the province.