youthsThe Government of Canada announced their support for an employment project, entitled the Skilled Link program. Skills Link is aimed at helping youths prepare to enter the Canadian work force by providing job preparation training and work experience.

The Skills Link program helps young men and women who face obstacles in gaining employment, such as recent immigrants. Skills Link is aimed at young men and women between the ages 15 and 30. The program helps youths to obtain career information and develop skills. It also helps them to gain work experience and find employment.

Skills Link is partnering with Dove House, a senior residential home, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Participants in the Skills Link program will have the opportunity to work in Dove House as caregivers. Participants will gain experience in the health care sector, while developing skills required to be a caregiver.

Skills Link also offers a wide range of projects which are open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees. For more information about this program or to learn how you can participate, visit