Finding a fulfilling job in Canada is the number one priority for most new Canadians as well as anyone thinking of immigrating to Canada. As part of our continuing commitment to making your Canadian immigration application process as smooth and as rewarding as possible, we are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with CareerJoy, Canada’s Career Coaching Company, to bring you the help you need to get started on your Canadian job search.

The New Canadian Job Search Program is comprised of five different career coaching packages designed to help you become familiar with the Canadian job market and achieve success in your new country. Whether you have just embarked on your career or are a seasoned professional, career coaching from CareerJoy can help you advance your career in Canada.

The first step in any job search is creating and optimizing a résumé. You can build your Canadian résumé right here on, and with the help of CareerJoy’s Résumé Service , you can learn how to present your international work experience to Canadian employers.

There are also comprehensive coaching packages for Young Professionals , Mid-Professionals , Senior Executives , and those who practice Skilled Trades . No matter what you do or how long you’ve been doing it, will benefit you and your search for rewarding work in Canada. All services are offered to existing Campbell Cohen clients at a special discounted price.

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