hiredSince the beginning of 2012, Canada’s job growth has expanded to include a record number of high-quality positions. This is according to a report by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).

Over 155,000 jobs have been created this year thus far. This is a higher number than economists were expecting. Of these jobs, many were full-time positions in high-paying sectors of the economy. Because of this increase in quality positions, Canada is currently enjoying the highest level of job quality since the beginning of the global economic recession.

Job growth varied from province to province. Quebec outpaced all provinces in terms of total job creation. The leader for most improved job quality was British Columbia, where 90 percent of new jobs were full-time and well paying. Ontario came in a close second.

CIBC explained that one driving factor in the recent surge of quality jobs was an overall expansion of Canada’s manufacturing sector. This sector was responsible for creating 88,000 jobs in the past 6 months – more than half of all new jobs created. These jobs were generally in high-tech, skilled manufacturing fields.