nursesAccording to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Canada now has around 350,000 regulated nurses across the country. Since 2005, approximately 30,000 nurses joined the Canadian work force. About 75% of those nurses are registered nurses, followed closely by licensed practical nurses, who have experienced the highest growth rate in the nursing workforce.

Although the number of nurses in Canada has been on the rise, there is still a shortage of nurses required in the country. Canada is facing a growing population that is aging and more healthcare services will soon be required for them. This is good news for nurses who wish to immigrate to Canada. Both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are on the list of the 29 occupations that are currently in-demand in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program. There has been a limit placed on the number of applicants allowed to apply under each occupation. Although registered nurses are quickly reaching the limit, there are still over 900 licensed practical nurses who can apply under this program.

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